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Belper & Duffield Rotary is committed to offering young people a wide range of opportunities to unlock their potential, develop their skills and broaden their horizons. Wherever your particular artistic interests lie, we are sure our You-Create art exhibition and competition will have something for you.

The theme for entries is “The Natural World”.   The interpretation of this theme is very much down to the individual entrant’s imagination.   Full details of the rules for each category can be found below and on the website.


There are three age groups for each category.  They are:-


                        Junior                           Up to and including 10 years old

                        Intermediate               11 years to 13 years

                        Senior                           14 years to 17 years.



The competition aims to encourage young people to be creative and develop their choreography skills using the given subject, “The Natural World” as a basis.   Interpretation of the subject is down to the creativity of the entrant(s).  It is acceptable for up to three people to collaborate on the choreography of this category.   An additional person may be involved in the eventual filming of the dance. It should be noted that any such film may also be used as a separate entry for the Reel category of the competition.  The dance should last no longer than four minutes.


The entry should be recorded digitally. The best way to do this is to upload the music to a USB stick and send the USB and a completed entry form via your school or post it in one of the “You Create” post boxes. Please note, it may not be possible to return the USB memory stick to you.

Alternatively, you can send the file using a file sharing system such as dropbox.
Please send the file and an electronic version of the entry form to If you are having any problems sending your song in, contact us on the email address provided.

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